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What can I do for you? A bunch of stuff!!


I have a camp in Wadi Rum, where you can fully immerse yourself into the landscape of Wadi Rum! But, besides that I can offer several other Activities that you can do!

Staying at the camp

I have a camp at Wadi Rum which you can stay at. Food is obviously included. The camp consists of several small cabins for 1-3 people and a big mess tent where the meals will be served and you can spend your your day playing games, talking, or taking a nap. I will pick you up at the Rum Village parking lot and drive you to the camp. During your stay, you can do the activities listed below. I will also be able to arrange any other activities you would like to do. Just plunge forward and experience the Bedouin culture!

Jeep Tours

See the monuments of Wadi Rum! I will drive you around the desert in an unforgettable, fun trip. You will see the Monuments of Wadi Rum, such as the Stone Bridge, the Mushroom Rock, the House of Lawerence of Arabia, and much more. Of course, you can choose where to go and I can assist in choosing what to see based on your interests.


Wadi Rum is the perfect place to hike! The Jordan Trail runs right through Wadi Rum not too far from the camp. In addition to that, Jabal Umm ad Dami looms above the desert not too far from the camp. It is the highest mountain in Jordan. The hike to the top is not too difficult and doable for anyone who is able to walk on somewhat rough terrain. Besides that, there are numerous other hikes through the magnificent red rocks of Wadi Rum. You can either do them guided or by yourself using on your GPS or Phone.

For days that are longer than one day, you can book a Guide, and/or transportation of food, water, and tents. I will be able to show you caves, good camp sites, and, obviously, the way.


Wadi Rum is a paradise for climbers since it has many walls with a wide range of difficulty. The camp has a climbing wall right next to it with opportunities for others to sit down in the shade to wait for their turn to climb. A climbing guide will obviously also be available. Besides that, there are a number of other walls all throughout Wadi Rum which I can show you an provide climbing guides for. A number of professional climbing clubs, such as the DAV, travel to Jordan every year to attempt to beat the challenges the mighty mountains of Wadi Rum offer.

Camel Rides

For centuries, the people of the Arab Peninsula have used camels to cross the vast deserts. The same was the case in Wadi Rum. Many bedouins still have camels today and the tradition of camels still lives. While you stay at my camp, you can book camel rides on my camels through the desert, or you can get picked up at Rum Village and ride to the camp, which will take a few hours.

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